Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Let's begin...

My name is Sharon but to the younger crafters that come into Wigglywoo's for a birthday party or a fun craft activity session I am known as Mrs Wiggly! Which is very apt as I have been know to waddle for the past 10 years due to a hip problem that has now thankfully been sorted with a total hip replacement. My passion was gardening but due to my hip being so bad I had to find something else that I could do and enjoyed to fill my time...

Wigglywoo's started of as a simple idea and then became a reality in March 2013. In these past 3 years it has changed and evolved into what it is today. A place to come and have some fun crafting, nothing too labour intensive or complicated but a relaxing experience to enjoy and to have either learnt something new or made something unique to you, whether you are a novice to crafting or an old hand everyone is welcome.

It is also a place to come and celebrate whether it be a birthday, an impending birth, a hen party or just for the heck of it both young, old and those in between can enjoy crafting at Wigglywoo's

It is a place to come to and chill, relax and be with like minded people, a great place to meet and make new friends, share good times and bad times with. A chance to forget about what is going on outside and get lost in a crafting hue at the weekly open craft coffee morning or the adult colouring session. Where ideas are shared and the hub bub of daily life gets discussed, dissected and debated and a good laugh is had too.

It's a place you can buy unique gifts and items for the home. Craft kits to take home so you can do at your leisure, these are all put together by myself complete with written instructions also written by me so these are totally unique to Wigglywoo's. A growing selection of craft supplies so you can have a go at home with your new skills learnt on one of the workshops.

There is so much to Wigglywoo's and it all stems from my childhood with my love of crafting, making, doing and painting and just generally having ago at trying something new. I also love to share, show and to teach others.

The best part about Wigglywoo's is when someone comes along to one of the workshops and say
"I am not a crafter" or "I can't do it" or even "I'll never finish it!" and at the end of the session they leave with a big grin on their face and clutching the treasured item they thought they wouldn't be able to make or do and are so pleased with what they have achieved makes all the hard work worthwhile and satisfying for me. I love what I do and also being able to do something I enjoy everyday.

That is what Wigglywoo's is all about and I hope you will join me on this journey as Wigglywoo's continues to grow and thrive into a hub of crafting activity. I  hope to update regularly with what's new, what has been made/created by the clients that come through the door for some fun crafting.
There will hopefully be an occasional guest blogger from one of the regular ladies that come along to the coffee morning or adult colouring group, whatever and whoever it is, it will be very entertaining for sure!
To see what is currently available at Wigglywoo's you can visit the website by clicking HERE
Until next time, happy crafting