Monday, 22 August 2016

A peek at the past week...

We had a busy week here at Wigglywoo's!

Margaret working on her cradle blanket on Thursday

Ceramic & glass painting session on Thursday

Daphne finishing off her mirror on Wednesday

David enjoying a spot of colouring on Thursday

Geraldine Colouring on Wednesday

Pam working on a twiddle cuff on Wednesday

Maureen added finishing touches to her decoupage tin

Sally-Anne doing some patchwork

A couple of the dream catchers that were made on the children's craft session on Friday

Monday, 8 August 2016

Holiday antics!

Well I'm back from our family break in Stranraer in Scotland, the weather wasn't the best but we did manage a couple of trips out, good old packamac comes in handy!

On a rare bout of sunshine we visited Port Patrick which was a lovely picturesque harbour

We also visited Castle Douglas but it was pouring down with rain and what else is a girl to do but pop into the local craft shop...

And I saw these huge crochet hooks, I didn't know they were available this big! I managed to spend about 20 minutes in the shop browsing before I got hauled out by a hungry hubby!

I did manage to make a start on the cross stitch kit I had taken away with me. I have only ever tried cross stitch years ago making a Christmas decoration and have never done it again.
I quite enjoyed doing the cross stitch, especially as its got the design printed on it making it very easy to follow.

As you can see I have been working on the trunk. It might be finished by next summer...

We had a great time and even the dogs enjoyed themselves especially Clyde
Its back to a busy week ahead with workshops and children's craft sessions and I will hopefully finish off that table too.
Until next time, happy crafting!